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My partner’s a Bisexual! What now?

So you’ve discovered your partner, or at least someone you like, is bisexual. Does this change things?

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My partner’s a Bisexual! What now?

Discovering your partner (or the object of your affections) likes more than one gender can, for some, be a little bit of a shock. Suddenly, you’ll be asking yourself a lot of questions – one of the most common thoughts from straight and gay people alike is that suddenly, they’ll feel like they’re simply not enough – and that a bisexual partner might be more tempted to stray or cheat, in order to satisfy their attractions to a gender other than your own.

Like in any relationship, the best thing to do is sit down and talk about it. Bisexuality is surrounded by myths and misconceptions, so if you’re having trouble with it, talk. You’re allowed to be a little confused, shocked and even concerned by the revelation – but it’s incredibly important to realise this is by no means a death penalty to your relationship or your sex life.

Bisexuals are just like other people, really. If the person you’re with – no matter whether they’re gay, straight or bisexual – is a person prone to cheating, then they’ll cheat. Being bisexual is no indicator of that.

Put simply, a bisexual is just like any other, except they find both genders attractive. It doesn’t mean that their libido or emotions have some gender-quota they need to fulfil in order to be satisfied, any more than a straight man/woman has. Many bi/pan people hold down successful, committed and long-term relationships.

It might seem strange at first, but after a bit of conversation, you might find that it’s actually rather straight-forward (although it may have taken them a long time to reach this conclusion themselves, and you should be grateful they told you). No-one would think you a monster if you found the revelation too uncomfortable to deal with, but dismissing it out-right wouldn’t say much for your relationship to begin with. You never know, you might find the new ‘side’ to your partner offers various benefits – perhaps you could now share your ‘Hot or Not’ list of celebrities?(!).

But don’t worry – you may not have the genitalia of another sex they’re interested in, but they may not have the bank balance/acting talent/surgical beauty of a movie star you like – it doesn’t mean you’d leave them and move to Hollywood in order to find it. If they like you, they like you, regardless of what may – or may not – be between your legs.

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My partner’s a Bisexual! What now?