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Drag Pride Flag (2016 Variant)

The 2016 Variant of the Drag Flag, first flown in Austin after a Worldwide competition.

Added to Gender Identity Flags, on 1 June, 2016

Drag Pride Flag (2016 Variant)

The Austin International Drag Foundation Inc. ran a worldwide competition to design a flag for the Drag Community, with the winning flag having its first official flying at the 2016 Austin International Drag Festival 2016.

The winner was Veranda L’Ni, of Cleveland, Ohio, as voted for by  Chad Michaels, Alex U. Inn, Goldie Peacock, Jizzabella, Martha D’Arthur, Sister Roma, Danyel Vasquez, Tony Diaz, Kelly Kline, Walker Hill, Jason Wright, and Eddie Miller on March 9th, 2016.

The design concept is as follows: purple represents the passion for drag; white represents the blank slate that bodies are before drag; blue represents self-expression and loyalty, with the crown representing leadership and the stars representing the many forms of drag.


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Drag Pride Flag (2016 Variant)