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Asexual Pride Flag

The Pride Flag for Asexual individuals.

Added to Sexuality Flags, on 12 July, 2015

Asexual Pride Flag

The asexual flag surfaced in August 2010, after many sites outside of AVEN voted and took input from Asexual people and communities to adopt a flag that would effectively increase Asexual visibility.

Previously, asexual pride was marked by the Asexual triangle, but the Asexual flag has since become a standard for Asexual identity, with many remarking that the Asexual triangle – known as the AVEN triangle – was seen as being linked to the AVEN organisation, rather than Asexuality as a whole.

However, it was AVEN member standup who designed and posted the Asexual flag on June 30th, 2010.

Made of four colours, the black stripe represents asexuality; the grey stripe represents grey-asexuality and demisexuality; the white represents non-asexual partners and allies; and the purple stripe represents the community.


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Asexual Pride Flag