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Rainbow Flag (2017 ‘MCMP’ Variant)

The ‘controversial’ variant of the Pride Flag launched by The More Color, More Pride campaign.

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Rainbow Flag (2017 ‘MCMP’ Variant)

In June 2017, the City of Philadelphia, United States, launched a variant of the rainbow flag, featuring a black and brown stripe on top of the six existing colours in order to promote inclusivity within the Queer community for Pride month.

The flag, designed by Philadelphia Office of LGBT Affairs’ More Color, More Pride campaign, proved incredibly controversial. Many people applauded the variant flag – welcoming the commitment to inclusivity to the Queer community, whilst others applauded the intention, but commented that it should not replace the existing Pride flag (e.g. become a sub-culture flag for People of Colour, much like we have sub-culture flags for bisexuals, transgender individuals and communities such as leather-lovers).

However, others blasted the flag for a number of reasons. A prominent reason given was that the existing Pride flag was not about skin colour, but about sexuality and gender regardless of colour. Others criticised the flag for not including a white stripe.

The City of Philadelphia launched the flag at the opening of Pride, with many Queer people-of-colour making speeches at the ceremony.

The campaign came after many reports of racial discrimination in the city’s gay venues, with many having to take anti-racism training in an attempt to rectify the situation. Investigations noted specifically that transwomen of colour were particularly subject to discrimination.

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Rainbow Flag (2017 ‘MCMP’ Variant)