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Rainbow Pride Flag

Commonly known as the ‘Pride Flag’, ‘Gay Pride Flag’ and the ‘LGBTQ flag’

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Rainbow Pride Flag

The Rainbow Flag is undoubtedly one of the most recognised symbols of Queer Pride known to the world.

Originally designed by artist Gilbert Baker in San Francisco, 1978. The original flag had eight colours, but the hot pink was later removed due to the unavailability of fabric, and then changed once again, for the same reason to six colours – the indigo and turquoise colours were then replaced by a Royal Blue colour.

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The Gay Pride Flag (aka Rainbow Flag)

The original eight colours all had meaning:

Sexuality (hot pink)
Life (red)
Healing (orange)
Sunlight (yellow)
Nature (green)
Magic/Art (turquoise)
Serenity/Harmony (indigo/blue)
Spirit (violet)

LGBT Pride Flag > Sexuality > Pride Flag (Original)

The original, eight-colour version.

The original flag flew in the Gay Freedom Day Parade, San Francisco, on June 25, 1978. It has been suggested that the inspiration for the flag came from Judy Garland’s infamous song, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, considering that Judy Garland was one of the world’s first ‘gay icons’, and that Garland had died some days after the Stonewall Riots.

It was after the assassination of openly gay San Francisco City Supervisor, Harvey Milk, that the Rainbow Flag rose to prominence as a symbol of Queer tolerance, equality, pride and strength. Since then, it has become the most well-known LGBTQ+ symbol, and is found flying in most Queer-catering arenas, with the rainbow itself becoming synonymous with the Queer movement – to some disapproval from anti-Gay Christians who, in Christian theology, believe the rainbow is a symbol of God’s friendship with humankind.

The rainbow flag has been absorbed into many other variants, such as the Union Jack, the United States Flag and more to show Queer pride in different countries.

LGBT Pride Flag > Sexuality > Pride Flag (Second Variant)

The second variant, with the first, hot pink stripe removed.

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Rainbow Pride Flag