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Straight Ally Pride Flag

Flag for Straight Allies

Added to Sexuality Flags, on 11 July, 2015

Straight Ally Pride Flag

The Straight Ally flag surfaced in the late 2000s on the internet, and was a pride flag designated for use by individuals who identified as non-Queer, but supportive of Queer Rights.

The black and white stripes represent the heterosexual/cisgender community, with a rainbow “A” shape, presumably standing for “Ally” or “Activist”, integrated within it.

The flag has not gained any official status in the community, although can be found across the internet on a range of websites, blogs, university Queer sites and merchandise sites. One blogger even prepared an Ally knitted-hat pattern in preparation around the time of Russia’s infamous Olympics.


Opinion over the flag has been divided within the Queer community, particularly on micro-blogging sites like Tumblr, with many Queer members questioning its need, accusing Straight Allies of “rewarding themselves with cookies” and whether or not Allies should fly, instead, the rainbow flag. However, both Queer and Allies have embraced the flag too, with some commenting that it cements heterosexual support for Queer equality, in spite of what many non-Queer politicians say about a ‘gay agenda’, and commenting that it could be used by cisgender, heterosexual people to signify a Queer-safe space. An alternative ‘Trans-Ally’ flag has also surfaced.


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Straight Ally Pride Flag