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What is Bisexual Erasure?

Bisexual Erasure is something that is causing real damage to Bisexual individuals.

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What is Bisexual Erasure?

Bisexual Erasure, also known as Bisexual Invisibility, is the damaging belief that bisexuality doesn’t exist, or to falsify, ignore or remove Bisexuality from academia, news, history and society.

Bisexual Erasure can manifest in many ways. One of the most common examples of bisexual erasure is the belief that people are either gay or straight, that bisexuality is not a valid sexual orientation in its own right, that bisexuals are going through a phase, are either in the closet or simply questioning, in denial about their true sexuality, or the labelling of bisexual individuals as gay when they are in same-sex relationships, or straight whilst in opposite-sex relationships – this is often true of bisexual celebrities whose sexuality is labelled in according to their current romantic partner: in extreme cases, bisexual people have been labelled as going ‘back in the closet’ for having anĀ  opposite-sex relationship after a previous same-sex one. The perpetuation of bisexual myths, such as saying that bisexuals are incapable of having monogamous relationships is also a manifestation of bisexual erasure.

Bisexual Erasure may extend to other sexual orientations that are not specifically gay or straight (e.g. pansexual, polysexual, biromantic, etc), and similar damaging beliefs revolve around asexuality as well.

Bisexual individuals face severe health disparities, including higher rates of mood disorders (such as anxiety, depression, bipolar) compared to their gay and straight counterparts. Many bisexuals have reported feeling isolated from both their gay and straight counterparts.

By talking about bisexual people, bisexuality and paying legitimate respect and acceptance of bisexuality as you would any other sexual orientation, Bisexual Erasure can be combated.

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What is Bisexual Erasure?