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About Us

What is Quoices? Why are we here? What is our mission?

Added to Quoices, on 9 July, 2015

About Us

What Is Quoices?

A portmanteau of Queer + Voices. The purpose of this website is to allow members of the Queer Community & Allies to write their thoughts, views and opinions on Queer topics and the world in order to create debate and dialogue within the Queer community.

But aren’t there already blogs and opinion sites out there?

Sure! Whilst there are many amazing Queer blogs out there, the dialogue and range of views between them are limited. News sites offer opinion pieces from experts and professionals, whilst Quoices wants to give the ordinary Queer & Ally a space to air their thoughts.

Who are you looking for?

We’re looking for diversity with Quoices: we want a wide range of views and experiences from people of different backgrounds. We want to create a hub for Queer opinion, and opinion that’s not just limited to elitists or self-proclaimed spokespeople. We’d love to have the views of Queer people from across the globe, whether they’d be radical Queers, academic Queers, ordinary Queers, old Queers, young Queers, whatever. As long as you’re Queer (or an Ally), we want to know what you think.


The Queer community is incredibly diverse. Just like in any other community or society, there’s people with different ideologies, beliefs and values. Sometimes, these views are drowned out by other members of the community who have greater access to a platform. Whilst the internet has allowed more ordinary citizens to put their beliefs, thoughts and experiences across, it also relies on people able to find it. Quoices wants to give a platform to those whose voice might ordinarily be lost.

What kind of things do you want on here?

Your perspective on the world! Perhaps there’s things in the Queer community that you really don’t like, but feel too afraid to mention? Have you got experiences that you think might be of help to other people? Is there something you think the Queer community really should start discussing?

What else do you want on here?

We’d also like to open Quoices up to other avenues of Queer & Ally Expression: if you’re a writer, painter, designer, whatever – we’d love to hear from you! We’re also working on building a Queer knowledgebase, making Quoice a place for Queer-related topics and information that could be used to further discussion, and a resource for new Queers and Allies alike!

How can I get involved?

By getting in touch with Quoices right away!

I have a suggestion for Quoices…

Get in touch!

About Us